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Sunday, September 9, 2012

GS Training for Christian G.

Some of you may be wondering why I'm showing up exhausted everywhere this past week.
Three reasons:
1) there are competitions coming up and I have goals,
2) was offered a great deal on programming (aka, someone writes my workouts for me!),
3) I want to make good on numbers 1 and 2.

Video of what my coach wanted to see at the beginning of the week:
 The second event for the upcoming meet in Seattle, 20kg Jerk Only.

Video of what my coach wanted to see at the end of the week:
Looks strikingly similar to the one above? Well it's actually longer, by 30 seconds....

Actually, the 4th reason for my exhaustion this week is that my coach isn't pulling any punches. He wants me to succeed, this is only a piece of the training session. Two or three jerk sets, two or three snatch sets, a circuit and running.
This type of intensity is characteristic of the Stage 3 training phase, intense focus on the event and specific conditioning, ie. endurance and cardio for Kettlebell Sport.
I'm going to be in great shape if nothing else :  )

Since the competition is only 2 weeks away, the training will relax some for the next little bit. That being Stage 4, where the athlete's nervous system still stays active with intense sport specific training but extra conditioning is reduced. For me this means short, heavy sets and no circuit training.

After Sept 22nd I'm praying for the much-anticipated "week off" (Stage 5) before preparation for Nationals (Nov. 17th) ensues. Not that I don't love hucking weight over my head, I really do. It's just that this being my second year in competition, I finally get the whole micro-cycle thing and how vitally important it is in practice!
I'm going to be in great shape if nothing else  :  )

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