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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Motivation to start Kettlebell Sport

As a Kettlebell Sport athlete I find it very important to maintain connection with the reason I started in the first place. People in the gym think I'm crazy. I'm the only person there willing to log 8+ hours/week crushing myself with the same three exercises.

For any one who determines to excel at an activity there must be an underlying motivation. In my case, I know I'm a physically oriented person and can ingrain complex movement patterns into skills. This training helps me pick up less intricate sequences quickly, so I can enjoy playing with new movement during the learning phase.
Of course, each lifter has a different motivations for learning this sport. Here are some that may give inspiration to anyone wondering if Kettlebell Sport is good for him/her.

Physical challenges light me up! This is the type of person who enjoys climbing as many 14K-foot mountains as possible in one season. It's the exhilaration of meeting the task head-on and standing victorious or nobly acknowledging defeat at the end. Kettlebell Sport offers endless challenges to this type of athlete who sees him/herself as the ultimate opponent. Technique improvements happen at every step of the way offering a constant puzzle, or meditation, to athletes who want the workout to simulate constant growth.
Need a mountain to climb?

My lifestyle needs intense activity. These are people who sit at a desk most of the day, have a long commute, or simply need a healthy hobby. The good news for this group is that Kettlebell Sport starts at an amateur level and progresses at a natural pace. Rushing to a competition is not required, nor is getting a particular rank in the first year. People who are seeking vigorous exercise at a regular human pace will enjoy the gradual improvements that come with this sport. This group will find additional motivation to continue once the hard work turns into improved results!

I need a counter-balance for less healthy habits. In other words, "I need me my donuts but don't want the extra flab." This motivation could work for a while. Unfortunate for this group, endurance sports makes our metabolism more efficient. Fortunate for this group, one of the side effects of healthy habits (such as regular exercise) is that we tend to let go of things that compromise the natural high accompanying them. If motivation is based on compulsiveness or impulse control, check out the mental discipline gained from an obsession with Kettlebell Sport! It will transform your life and view of "calories earned," amid other surprising benefits.

I'm looking for something new and am curious about how this sport works. Folks who have the habit of regular exercise find themselves losing their edge now and then, especially if there are no goals or cycles within the routine. This type of person will enjoy the changes in intensity of a full-length Kettlebell Sport training cycle, complete with a competition or two. Many first time competitors get the pleasant surprise of a medal after their first event! You don't get that after four months on the stair-stepper and nautilus machines. There is a high likelihood that after a competition season, re-engaging in the old routine will prove how training "outside the box" can produce massive strength and cardiovascular improvements!

I love to compete but don't love the aggressive crowd. The first rule of Kettlebell Sport is sportsmanship. At one event, the Head Judge followed that statement up with "but I've never seen that as a problem with this sport." We all know what it takes to complete a 10-minute set with any kettlebell load, there is no faking it. The most succinct way I've heard it translated is this text applied to the picture (left) of Sergei Merkulin, Master Long Cyclist, Snatch lifter and Coach:
"In Girevoy Sport - there are no bad people;
all the junk sweats out under the weight of kettlebells, especially on the 10th minute."

If any of the above motivations appeal to you, your next step is to get specific training, figure out where you're going to train or buy the equipment to get started at home, and find a coach! Not to worry, all who seek earnestly will get their needs met. And with the whole internet at your fingertips it's only a matter of due diligence.

Best wishes for your health and athletic goals!