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Sunday, September 15, 2013

In case you didn't hear about the floods in Colorado:

Hello Strong People,

It occurred to me that people outside Boulder, CO, need to read this. It started raining early on Tuesday last week. In a tropical environment it might be more or less normal to get almost 12 inches of rain all in one go, but in the mountains we now know this as an earth-changing flash flood.
Flood waters eroded roadways, stranding individuals and communities above flooded areas with internet or cell phone access being the only connection people had to a possible rescue.  To see the extensive public updates provided to keep everyone aware of the situation, see the link below.

Boulder Emergency Status updates

As with any natural disaster, there are many people who were unprepared for both the event, the consequences to infrastructure, and the aftermath. It has been stated repeatedly in the media reports, though the rain has passed out of the Boulder County area, the flood is still a major presence for hundreds of families. Those of us local to the affected areas are doing everything possible to support displaced communities, but as you can imagine there are weeks of unsettlement to come. I want to pass the opportunity on to everyone who reads this blog to contribute if it is in you to do so.

Please do what you can, either donate to one of the support organizations at the above link, pray, stay tuned and pass along this post to your friends. The rain has moved to other areas of Colorado. It has been said over again, at the end of the day all we really have is each other.

With great gratitude for the Kettlebell Sport community, and for those who allow this to open you to how completely connected we all are.