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Sunday, August 12, 2012

OKC Open Invitational an Excellent Experience!

photo by Nazo Okc
photo by Nazo Okc
Last Saturday, August 11th, my fellow Giryviks and I hit the platforms at Juno Fitness in Berkeley, CA for some great Kettlebell Sport lifting. High quality lifting, learning opportunities and PRs were the themes of the day. Many of us achieved all three of these objectives.

Great sportsmanship and all-around team spirit permeated the gym.

Slava and I represented the Boulder, CO, Kettlebell Fitness Class from BodyBalance gym. My goal was to test the programming I learned from IKSFA Coach Sergey Rudnev (AKA Yoda) with 20kg Women's Long Cycle, Slava went for a first time 10-minutes of 20kg Men's Long Cycle.

For the record my set yielded 99 reps. I improved my previous attempt (last November) with this event by 16 reps, proof positive that the IKSFA training method plus all I learned from the OKC team will take me farther at Nationals this November. Slava completed 63 reps with the double 20kg Long Cycle, his personal best at a competition. We both did things we've never done before, set PRs and got great experience with the high level judging we are to expect as we progress in the sport.

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