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Friday, September 2, 2011

What Motivates You?

All of us at some point will need to answer this question: "What motivates me to do this?" As there are so many arenas of life, (work, family, friends, love, play...) we can ponder this query from many angles, and about many activities! Today, I invite you all to look at your athletic/sports activities in this light.

Here are some ideas to help deepen your answer:
An aspect of your Self....
Self Love:
I feel the pull toward this, it addresses my being and truth. Plus, I'm really good at it!

Self Fulfillment:
I know I can excel with more practice. I enjoy being engaged in the pursuit of excellence.

Self Awareness:
I want to become an expert at this. I love using my mind to refine my performance.

Self Improvement:
I can change my life with this. Before I started, my life was not as good as it is now.

Perhaps there are other people involved in your answer...
My friend/partner does it, and I want to be with him/her.

My arch-enemy does it, and I want to beat him/her.

My kids do this, and I want to support them in every possible way.

My parents didn't do this, and they lived miserable lives as a result.

Finally, in my opinion, the most fun motivation is The Reward....
I can eat more cookies if I do this regularly!

I will have more trophies and can brag about what I did!

I can show-off my skills and knowledge to people with less experience!

I enjoy bringing out my "before" and "after" pictures at social events!

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Happy pondering to you!

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