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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A note of Gratitude

This weekend is Independence Day weekend. As such, a pause from training and advice giving is in order. I would like to take this moment to appreciate my country, and several free women and men and women who have deeply enriched my life.

Kikuko Zutrau Miyazaki, my first Shiatsu teacher, gave me a diploma from the Boston Shiatsu School in 1998 with the words "Now go and learn Shiatsu!"

Brad Crews, my first Ashtanga Yoga teacher and fellow Shiatsu student. In 1998 he encouraged me to begin teaching what I know, especially when students want to learn.

Abel Villacorta and Jill Miyamoto, my first Ki Aikido instructors, who in 2000 allowed me to trade classes for Shiatsu sessions.

Kashiwaya Koichi sensei, Chief Instructor of Ki Aikido, whom I've had the honor of learning from over the past 11 years. He brings joy and diversity into his teaching, and encourages me by his example.

KC Goldberg, Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor, introduced me to kettlebells and trained me for my first instructor certification in 2004 and continues to support my practice as a fellow student and teacher.

Annie Pace, senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher, picked me up as a student in 2006 and completely spoiled me on a "pure" form of yoga.

Russell Smith, Derek Nabel, Bill Stanley and Jen Trotter, senior Ki Aikido Instructors, lead me to my first and second black belts (2008 & '11) and lead their own respective dojos in Rocky Mountain Ki Society. I especially thank these folks for their commitment to Ki Aikido and the teachings of Koichi Tohei sensei.

Ken Blackburn, IKFF Chief Instructor, who certified me as a Kettlebell Teacher in 2009, '10 and '11. Ken continually inspires me as a student and teacher.

Matthew Sweigart and Dave Goetz, HeartMind Bodywork school teachers, who have helped me advance my study of Shiatsu and recognize me as a senior practitioner.

Thanks to God that I was born in the United States, allowing me to travel far and wide, learning and exploring over the years.
May we all enjoy and share the many freedoms of our country.
A fun and safe weekend to all!

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