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Friday, November 9, 2012

BOLT KB Comp, Dec. 9, 2012, Denver, CO

Thanks to Nico Rithner and his vision to bring more people into Girevoy Sport, we have one more opportunity this year to challenge our kettlebell fitness!

This is a "nothing to loose, everything to enjoy" experience for strength-endurance athletes. More experienced lifters will challenge themselves with only one hand switch, or to not set the weights down during the set, but BOLT rules make it easy to stay on the platform for 10 minutes:
  • you can do up to four events, double Half Snatch, double Jerk, single Snatch and single Long Cycle
  • you can put the weights down and rest during your set, just don't leave the platform
  • if the event is with one kettlebell you can switch hands as many times as you want
  • scoring is based on volume, compete against men or women in your weight class
  • you may use a different size of kettlebell for each event you participate in
Go to this website to register!

Please note, attempting a 10-minute set of any Kettlebell Sport lift without some preparation is not advised. Scroll down the above webpage for demonstrations of each lift. If you would like to participate, please look into the lifts and practice beforehand.

For those in or near Boulder, contact me if you would like to learn or practice the lifts ahead of time. I offer training sessions at Body Balance Gym, Boulder, CO.

Best wishes to all,

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