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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ring In the New Year with Kettlebells!

New Year's Day Kettlebell Lift! @ Body Balance Health and Fitness  2747 Iris Ave, Boulder, CO
Sunday, January 1st  12 noon - 1:30 pm
All kettlebell lifters (current and those on leave) are invited to this event as my holiday gift to you!

A one-hour set! We will start warm-up at 12 noon, kick-off the hour-long set at 12:15 pm, and cool-down/recover for the remainder of our time.

Long Cycle is the preferred lift of hour + sets, but it's a great opportunity to practice any kettlebell moves for the duration. There are no rules, just keep a weight in hand as long as you can. Feel free to join for any amount of time, work on your lifts and sweat with fellow Kettlebells lifters to start 2012. 

If you are new to kettlebells, please contact me asap to determine a reasonable goal for your current level of conditioning. Join in the warm-up and lift for as long as you want. Much can be learned from watching!

All participants please be ready for the mobility/warm-up at noon.
Please eat breakfast and be well-hydrated before arriving.
I look forward to seeing you there!

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) Level 1:
Lakewood, CO, Feb. 24 - 26th, 2012
Special Price for friends of Kettlebell Fitness! 
Coach Blackburn has offered my students and friends an excellent price for CKT certification and to audit the Level 1 workshop:

Level 1 Certification - $700 (with two-payment plan available). Link to payment
Audit Level 1 with no certification - $300. Link to payment

I cannot emphasize enough the amazing training methodology Ken Blackburn offers. His workshop will shoot your training to the next level.
For anyone who wants to re-certify with new and improved skills, this is what you're looking for!

Best wishes to all for a safe and blessed holiday!

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